Dieselpunk Wars is already available on Steam in Early Access

Since November 19th, our first game is available for players on Steam platform in Early Access. First reviews from users are positive.

Due to the game’s sandbox nature, testing all possible interactions proved impossible and we decided to release the game in Early Access. Thanks to player feedback we’ll receive will help us to properly polish our game. We will continue to work on Dieselpunk Wars with the feedback we receive from our players and ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone, free of any bugs. Additionally, player feedback will help us fine-tune the balance of the game.

The game can be purchased HERE.

You can take any route! Offroad Mechanic Simulator with the first trailer

No mud or road will be scary for you! In the new game from Image Power S.A., Offroad Mechanic Simulator, your goal will be to modify and prepare off-road vehicles for tough outdoor challenges.

Change, fix, upgrade

Before going off-road, you need to properly prepare every truck. Accept contracts from clients and modify their cars, so they can sustain even the most difficult conditions. Change wheels, dampers, lift the suspension and pick the right tires. Do not forget about the drive, winch, snorkel or other off-road accessories. That is not everything, as every client comes with a limited budget. As you progress through the game, you will get access to new parts and tools, which will allow you to work on more expensive cars and turn them into real off-road monsters!

Test, test, test

Before you hand the car back to your client, you need to make sure your modifications will be sufficient. The game will offer an advanced drive mode, which will allow you to test the vehicles in action. You will be able to choose from multiple roads with diverse terrain and scenery. Drive through sand, mud, water, rocks, forest, pits and hills to test different settings of the car. Remember that every part not only looks different, but also has a different effect on the vehicle. And when you are done, do not forget to wash the machine!

– As Image Power, we create games that are connected to our hobbies. One of them is off-road driving, thus Offroad Mechanic Simulator is a special title for us. Multiple times we learned the hard way how important it is to properly prepare your truck for a trip and we have first-hand knowledge on which parts of the car are key and how they affect the ride. – Marcin Zaleński, the Chairman of the Image Power Supervisory Board explains.

Not only for car enthusiasts

Offroad Mechanic Simulator uses many elements from other simulators created within the PlayWay Group, so it is an interesting production for all those, who love titles from this genre. Especially fans of Car Mechanic Simulator will be familiar with many of the mechanics used in the game, as it was the developers’ biggest inspiration. Offroad Mechanic Simulator is also unique because of the support it is getting from PlayWay – the company is actively involved not only publishing-, but also production-wise.

– We decided to enter into a wider cooperation with Image Power, because we are well familiar with the idea of fixing and modifying cars. Car Mechanic Simulator is one our flagship titles, with a huge community from all around the world. We truly believe that through a combination of our expertise and the developers’ hands-on knowledge regarding off-road vehicles, we will be able to create an equally interesting game. – says Krzysztof Kostowski, the CEO of PlayWay.

Key features of the game:

  • Multiple different cars to work on 
  • Beautiful, photorealistic graphics 
  • Various tools that let you modify your vehicles 
  • A wide selection of parts to install that allow your cars to achieve remarkable feats 
  • Career mode with story missions 
  • Breathtaking scenery 
  • Various randomized assignments and jobs to complete 
  • Decorative elements 
  • Different tracks where you can test if your vehicles are ready for an off-road challenge 
  • Unlimited fun 

The release date of Offroad Mechanic Simulator will be announced soon. 

Offroad Mechanic Simulator on Steam

The game is published by Image Power i PlayWay.

Image Power announces Eco Warrior Simulator

In this new title from Image Power, you will take on a role of an activist who tries to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of  the erosion of  our planet.

“We want to voice our opinion in the ongoing global discussion about the threats to our planet”, says Marcin Zaleński, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Image Power. “We hope that the combination of social awareness and interesting gameplay will show a different perspective on ecology and the people that are involved in it”.

Watch the announcement trailer:

Media about Archer: The Witch’s Wrath


“Johan’s adventure is a narrative simulator, in which the weapon mechanics are being designed together with professionals and archery experts.”


“The story of Johan is just the beginning; the universe, created entirely by the studio, will be expanded by new characters and their adventures, in order to develop an extensive world with comprehensive narration and characters.”


“Throughout the game, Johan himself will be your teacher and you will learn all the secrets of the craft, which will help you survive in the cruel world.”


“The story of Johan is just the beginning; the universe, created entirely by the studio, will be expanded by new characters and their adventures”



“The game is to be as realistic as possible in terms of the mechanics of aiming and shooting a bow.”

The newest trailer of an upcoming game – Archer: The Witch’s Wrath!

Check out our trailer for an upcoming game Archer: The Witch’s Wrath. This is a fictional archery simulator in which weapon mechanics are developed together with professionals and experts in the art of archery to reflect the realism of using the bow as closely as possible. The whole set is in a fictional universe of classic fantasy full of monsters and magic.

Key features of the game:

  • gameplay: FPP
  • realistic mechanic of shooting a bow – developed together with professional archers
  • history set in a classic dark fantasy world and an original universe created by the developers
  • genre: narrative archer simulator
  • realistic visuals in game
  • introduction to a series of games and stories – Archer: The Witch’s Wrath will be the first of many games in the universe

Dieselpunk Wars Prologue on Steam for free!

On April 20th, prologue for Dieselpunk Wars – game, in which you build complex war machines and set them off to battle – launches on Steam for free.

After successful Kickstarter campaign, we decided to speed up the release  of free Prologue mode, that originally was supposed to launch together with full game.

Considering players’ suggestions, player’s interface in Dieselpunk Wars Prologue has come through a number of improvements. New one is more legible (e.g. new categories of parts were added, few control panels were hidden, main menu was renewed), in order to make collecting components and building machines is much more easier and handy.

Key features of the game:

  • vehicles built from various parts and materials that affect their capabilities on the battlefield
  •  an open, explorable world, offering challenges and elements to find
  •  creative mode allowing to build any type of machine
  •  game engine that enables simulation of destruction of vehicles and buildings, as well as physics of missiles and air resistance
  •  no microtransactions

Yacht Mechanic Simulator hits the big blue with a new trailer!

If you enjoyed Car Mechanic Simulator, you simply cannot miss this upcoming title. Yacht Mechanic Simulator confronts players with a challenge of transforming old boats into luxury yachts, starting your own business and turning it into a lucrative company. Check out our new trailer:

Yacht Mechanic Simulator combines together the best features of Car Mechanic Simulator and House Flipper and adds a solid topping of luxury that comes with yacht business. Fixing old boats has two stages – mechanical and visual. During the former, the player will need to take care of the inside parts, such as the engine or timing belts. The latter is about the design and elements of décor. It is up to the player, what the interior of the boat will look like. You will get  the tools and the freedom to build your dream yacht: color of the walls, furniture style? Let your imagination decide. Yacht Mechanic Simulator allows you to take on the role of a professional boatbuilder. Your tasks will include finding, repairing, setting up the interior and in the end – selling impressive yachts.

Media about Yacht Mechanic Simulator:


“Yacht Mechanic Simulator uses the best features of the Car Mechanic Simulator and House Flipper games, combining them in the rich environment surrounding the business of creating and repairing luxury yachts.”


“The developers of the game, Image Power studio, promise us both functional (replacement of parts and engine) and visual tuning (furniture patterns, hull finishing style, etc.). The patterns of the game mechanics will be drawn from the Car Mechanic Simulator, while we will also be able to taste the role of a dealer of refurbished yachts in addition to playing in the refreshment of the floating vehicles.”


“The home companies have decided to present us with another interesting simulator, which this time will allow us to take care of renewing yachts, which after our work will return to their heyday.”


There’s something pleasantly soothing about ‘simulator’ games like House Flipper, and now developer Image Power is adding a dose of class consciousness: Yacht Mechanic Simulator will let players find rusted out old hulks and rebuild them into glittering pleasure craft for the ultra rich.”


“Can’t afford the real thing, or even a joy ride when it comes to yachting? Never fear Yacht Mechanic Simulator is coming to shore up your desires, giving you the chance to not only fix up wrecked yachts, but test drive them, sell them and slowly build out a million dollar yacht empire.”


“Build your own yacht empire! Find old yachts, patch their hulls, fix their engines, and add new parts. Design and install beautiful interiors of your vessels. Pilot your ships and check how they handle in the water. Sell your yacht, earn money, and become a millionaire!”

Crowdfunding Dieselpunk Wars campaign ended successfully

Dieselpunk Wars’ Kickstarter campaign just ended successfully and we achieved our main goal!

Words can’t express just how grateful we are! Thank you for your trust and support, we’ll work hard to fulfill all of your expectations. We’re going to do our best!

Our current plan is to release the full game in June!
Until then, we’ll continue working with you via our Discord. We’re always thankful for any feedback you leave and we won’t stop hunting down any bugs that you report. We’ll stay in touch and keep you up to date on any news.

For more information about our finished Kickstarter campaign visit: