A brand new patch 1.1.2 is released!

Hello DieselPunk Builders!

We only recently left Early Access and published the incredible patch 1.1.0 (and the less impressive but still important patch 1.1.1). But we’re not slowing down! We have a brand new patch for today which should greatly improve your experience.

Check out the changelog below:
  • New buildings are added to the ‘Fortification’ tab in Battle Simulator, including new turrets, barriers, and structures to destroy.
  • Turrets placed in Battle Simulator no longer sink into the ground.
  • Enemy vehicles in Endless Mode won’t spawn if there’s an obstacle in the way.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Endless Mode to (ironically) never end, even after defeat.
  • Players are now given a bigger budget when constructing their first flying vehicle in the Campaign Mode.
  • The base defense missions on the first map of the Campaign Mode are now easier and unlock more modules.
  • Performance is now a bit better on the first four maps.
  • Vehicles will no longer be impaired by small rocks or debris, making it a lot easier to traverse difficult terrain!

These new changes should make it a lot easier for new players to start playing Dieselpunk Wars.