Dieselpunk Wars demo – through eyes of fans

Ever since a Kickstarter campaign for Dieselpunk Wars started, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback on our Discord channel (and via other sources as well). Based on the number of comments, screenshots, and opinions we received, we can clearly see that our game has enormous potential and that people enjoy it.

Creator: CptDeadlock
Creator: SageThe13th
Creator: QuickDeath007

Don’t take our word for it! You needn’t look far for proof. Simply pay a visit to our Discord channel and ask our community about our game. Or better yet, check out a screenshot gallery that our fans created.

We also encourage you to look for Dieselpunk Wars on Youtube, where you can easily find many videos of our game. We selected a few of them and posted them below.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign if you’re also interested in our game and want to give it a try!