Get ready for an off-road adventure!

Offroad Mechanic Simulator is a challenge
consisting in modifying vehicles
field and preparing them for the most difficult
challenges they can face!

Buy old yachts, patch hulls, repair engines and add new parts to them!

Check your yacht in deep waters!
Sell ​​a yacht and become a millionaire!
Build your own fleet!

Use over 300 pieces to create the war machine of your dreams!

Advanced physics and destruction simulation!
Fight on land, in the air, and in the depths!
Test yourself in a one-man campaign




Our plans for 2022 are ambitious, so we cannot do without expanding the team. Right now, we are looking Programmer UE4 Daily responsibilities: designing new gameplay mechanics based on the documentation, implementing new features and optimizing existing features,...

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State of the game & things to come – Devlog

State of the game & things to come – Devlog

Ahoy virtual mechanics and yacht lovers! The newest devlog is finally here! Ahoy virtual mechanics and yacht lovers! As you now know, Yacht Mechanic Simulator is due next year. However, aside from some necessary polishing and the new features we want to add, the game...

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a few words about us

Our journey with video games began in 2012 when Paweł Graniak founded ‘Potęga Obrazu’ – Poland’s first school of concept art and digital painting (

By taking one of its courses, students can learn to design characters, monsters, machines, and environments for the purpose of game development. Lectures are grounded in the gaming industry’s most common practices and latest trends. Many students found themselves employed as artists by gamedev companies after finishing the course.

The school’s crowning achievement was publishing the first concept art coursebook in Poland. The book came out in 2018 in Poland and it’s now available at Empik bookstores across the whole country.

To this day ‘Potęga Obrazu’ collaborates with the best artists in the gaming industry.

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    Investor Relations - Marcin Zaleński
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    Production - Piotr Figarski

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board Image Power S.A.

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    Media - Przemysław Strzelczyk
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