Johan: The Witch’s Wrath-en

Johan: The Witch’s Wrath is a dynamic, story-rich, and action-packed dark fantasy archer simulator.
The story is of big importance, as it motivates the player to take action. It also allows to quickly bond with the main protagonist Johan – one of several bandits who come out of a forest to pillage merchant caravans. His group also includes: a former hunter, a fencing instructor from a royal academy, and an assasin.
The character controlled by the player is a magnificent archer.
He can shoot down a bird perched on a tree branch as far as 40 feet away. Thanks to the Precision Shot mechanic, the player will be able to perform incredible feats.
The game itself is stylized to look like a digital painting.

Realistic archery mechanic

We’re working on specialized archery mechanics, so that it’s as realistic as possible, while making sure it’s fun to fire your arrows at your enemies.

A dark and moody world

The action takes place in a very harsh world, full of brutal monsters.
It’s tough and dangerous. The player will have to stay vigilant.

An extraordinary story

Our story will gradually pick up its pace, right until an intense finale. Our story will motivate the player to constantly take action so that they can follow it with bated breath.

Hand-painted visuals

The game’s graphics are stylized to look like digital art. A speed painting art style will support the narrative, which is delivered in a format similar to that of a comic book. This kind of art style will keep the story coherent.

Dynamic character development

The player will utilize a perk system to improve their character. Each perk will be unlocked based on the action that the player takes.