Patch 1.1.1 is out! Check out the changelog!

When Dieselpunk Wars left Early Access, we also released the long-awaited patch 1.1.0. Soon after, we also launched a hotfix 1.1.1, addressing some issues with scenario sharing on Steam Workshop. We have been talking about these updates for weeks before the release but we never did share complete patch notes. This post is here to fix that!

Check out the changelog below:

Added new functionality that allows scenario sharing via Steam Workshop.

Created a new tab “Fortifications” in Battle Simulator, which allows the players to add buildings to Battle Simulator.

Reworked Battle Simulator UI to work with new functionalities.

A vehicle can now be designated as a “Player Vehicle” in the Battle simulator.

Vessels can now be marked as targets for the Player Vehicle.

Added a button to copy a selected vehicle in Battle Simulator (‘E’ by default).

It’s now possible to plan move orders for AI-controlled vehicles in the Battle Simulator.

Now, for the rest of the changelog:
  • Added a new map called “Valley”, perfect for large-scale vehicles and for custom scenarios in Battle Simulator.
  • New blocks were added, including new viewports and Detachable Joints, which you can use to split your vehicle into smaller pieces or merge a few vehicles into one larger vessel.
  • Improved vehicle physics.
  • It’s now possible to modify physics settings, including gravity or air drag, in the Creative Mode.
  • Rotors now have an additional function, which allows them to be controlled by a mouse (this can be enabled individually for each rotor in Build Mode).
  • Translations have been improved, big thanks to our community for feedback and suggestions regarding these changes!
  • And many, many bugfixes…