You can take any route! Offroad Mechanic Simulator with the first trailer

No mud or road will be scary for you! In the new game from Image Power S.A., Offroad Mechanic Simulator, your goal will be to modify and prepare off-road vehicles for tough outdoor challenges.

Change, fix, upgrade

Before going off-road, you need to properly prepare every truck. Accept contracts from clients and modify their cars, so they can sustain even the most difficult conditions. Change wheels, dampers, lift the suspension and pick the right tires. Do not forget about the drive, winch, snorkel or other off-road accessories. That is not everything, as every client comes with a limited budget. As you progress through the game, you will get access to new parts and tools, which will allow you to work on more expensive cars and turn them into real off-road monsters!

Test, test, test

Before you hand the car back to your client, you need to make sure your modifications will be sufficient. The game will offer an advanced drive mode, which will allow you to test the vehicles in action. You will be able to choose from multiple roads with diverse terrain and scenery. Drive through sand, mud, water, rocks, forest, pits and hills to test different settings of the car. Remember that every part not only looks different, but also has a different effect on the vehicle. And when you are done, do not forget to wash the machine!

– As Image Power, we create games that are connected to our hobbies. One of them is off-road driving, thus Offroad Mechanic Simulator is a special title for us. Multiple times we learned the hard way how important it is to properly prepare your truck for a trip and we have first-hand knowledge on which parts of the car are key and how they affect the ride. – Marcin Zaleński, the Chairman of the Image Power Supervisory Board explains.

Not only for car enthusiasts

Offroad Mechanic Simulator uses many elements from other simulators created within the PlayWay Group, so it is an interesting production for all those, who love titles from this genre. Especially fans of Car Mechanic Simulator will be familiar with many of the mechanics used in the game, as it was the developers’ biggest inspiration. Offroad Mechanic Simulator is also unique because of the support it is getting from PlayWay – the company is actively involved not only publishing-, but also production-wise.

– We decided to enter into a wider cooperation with Image Power, because we are well familiar with the idea of fixing and modifying cars. Car Mechanic Simulator is one our flagship titles, with a huge community from all around the world. We truly believe that through a combination of our expertise and the developers’ hands-on knowledge regarding off-road vehicles, we will be able to create an equally interesting game. – says Krzysztof Kostowski, the CEO of PlayWay.

Key features of the game:

  • Multiple different cars to work on 
  • Beautiful, photorealistic graphics 
  • Various tools that let you modify your vehicles 
  • A wide selection of parts to install that allow your cars to achieve remarkable feats 
  • Career mode with story missions 
  • Breathtaking scenery 
  • Various randomized assignments and jobs to complete 
  • Decorative elements 
  • Different tracks where you can test if your vehicles are ready for an off-road challenge 
  • Unlimited fun 

The release date of Offroad Mechanic Simulator will be announced soon. 

Offroad Mechanic Simulator on Steam

The game is published by Image Power i PlayWay.