Dieselpunk Wars Prologue on Steam for free!

On April 20th, prologue for Dieselpunk Wars – game, in which you build complex war machines and set them off to battle – launches on Steam for free.

After successful Kickstarter campaign, we decided to speed up the release  of free Prologue mode, that originally was supposed to launch together with full game.

Considering players’ suggestions, player’s interface in Dieselpunk Wars Prologue has come through a number of improvements. New one is more legible (e.g. new categories of parts were added, few control panels were hidden, main menu was renewed), in order to make collecting components and building machines is much more easier and handy.

Key features of the game:

  • vehicles built from various parts and materials that affect their capabilities on the battlefield
  •  an open, explorable world, offering challenges and elements to find
  •  creative mode allowing to build any type of machine
  •  game engine that enables simulation of destruction of vehicles and buildings, as well as physics of missiles and air resistance
  •  no microtransactions

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