Yacht Mechanic Simulator hits the big blue with a new trailer!

If you enjoyed Car Mechanic Simulator, you simply cannot miss this upcoming title. Yacht Mechanic Simulator confronts players with a challenge of transforming old boats into luxury yachts, starting your own business and turning it into a lucrative company. Check out our new trailer:

Yacht Mechanic Simulator combines together the best features of Car Mechanic Simulator and House Flipper and adds a solid topping of luxury that comes with yacht business. Fixing old boats has two stages – mechanical and visual. During the former, the player will need to take care of the inside parts, such as the engine or timing belts. The latter is about the design and elements of décor. It is up to the player, what the interior of the boat will look like. You will get  the tools and the freedom to build your dream yacht: color of the walls, furniture style? Let your imagination decide. Yacht Mechanic Simulator allows you to take on the role of a professional boatbuilder. Your tasks will include finding, repairing, setting up the interior and in the end – selling impressive yachts.