Media about Yacht Mechanic Simulator:


“Yacht Mechanic Simulator uses the best features of the Car Mechanic Simulator and House Flipper games, combining them in the rich environment surrounding the business of creating and repairing luxury yachts.”


“The developers of the game, Image Power studio, promise us both functional (replacement of parts and engine) and visual tuning (furniture patterns, hull finishing style, etc.). The patterns of the game mechanics will be drawn from the Car Mechanic Simulator, while we will also be able to taste the role of a dealer of refurbished yachts in addition to playing in the refreshment of the floating vehicles.”


“The home companies have decided to present us with another interesting simulator, which this time will allow us to take care of renewing yachts, which after our work will return to their heyday.”


There’s something pleasantly soothing about ‘simulator’ games like House Flipper, and now developer Image Power is adding a dose of class consciousness: Yacht Mechanic Simulator will let players find rusted out old hulks and rebuild them into glittering pleasure craft for the ultra rich.”


“Can’t afford the real thing, or even a joy ride when it comes to yachting? Never fear Yacht Mechanic Simulator is coming to shore up your desires, giving you the chance to not only fix up wrecked yachts, but test drive them, sell them and slowly build out a million dollar yacht empire.”


“Build your own yacht empire! Find old yachts, patch their hulls, fix their engines, and add new parts. Design and install beautiful interiors of your vessels. Pilot your ships and check how they handle in the water. Sell your yacht, earn money, and become a millionaire!”