Offroad Mechanic Simulator: Prologue – First Job is available on Steam for free

Yesterday Image Power has published a standalone prologue for our upcoming offroad-themed game, Offroad Mechanic Simulator: Prologue – First Job. The prologue is available on Steam for free and has already gotten some good notes from infuencers specialized in simulation games. You can view some of the gameplay videos made by them below:

In the prologue, you will have a chance to experience fully polished gameplay reflecting the features of the full version – with physics, car models, handling, UI, and many other elements vastly improved over the older demo. You’ll also have all of the core mechanics and functions of the game available to test and enjoy. Of course, that also means you will be able to take three of the offroad beasts’ roster for a ride through the scenic Forest map.

Key features of the prologue:

• Improved physics, car models, and handling
• Entirely new UI
• Three new cars to dismantle and re-assemble
• Repair, Washing, Tuning, and Adjustment commissions
• A new Forest map to conquer
• New garage rooms, parts, and options
• New perks and skills
• Possibility of achieving up to level 4 of experience