We are happy to announce a completely new title, Postapo Mechanic Simulator.

The world is over. But racing never stops! Become a mechanic and repair cars in your garage at the top of a ruined skyscraper. Create parts from scrap, install upgrades, and assemble vehicles that will go on a race through wrecked buildings and massive ramps suspended above a radioactive wasteland!

– Many crazy cars to work on
– A unique post-apocalyptic setting, where you work high above the ground and the polluted air that’s covering it
– Hand-made parts that change the cars’ statistics
– Various tools to use when repairing damaged vehicles
– Breathtaking scenery of the world suspended between ruined skyscrapers
– Randomized assignments to complete
– Decorative elements that can turn your vehicles into truly menacing machines
– Unlimited fun!

STEAM: https://bit.ly/postapo_mechanic