Yacht Mechanic Symulator

Find old yachts, patch their hulls, fix their engines, and add new parts!

Pilot your ships and check how they handle in the water!

Sell your yacht, earn money, and become a millionaire!

Build your own yacht empire!

Scout for abandoned motorboats and give them a new life. Repair fractured hulls at your workshop and get to work on any damaged equipment. Remove the bolts that hold your engines in place and use a crane to take them out of your yacht. You can fix them, upgrade them, or even replace them entirely with better ones!

Admire your work thanks to incredible, photorealistic graphics. Test your yachts in a breathtaking environment and see how they handle on the water. Earn money and start working on even bigger and even more luxurious vessels. Turn your workshop into a proper shipyard and become a corporate giant with your very own fleet of yachts.

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