Offroad Survival is a new IP from Image Power – creators of Offroad Mechanic Simulator – which will allow the players to experience a never seen before mix of driving the harsh terrains, authentic survival experience, and… mysterious happenings.

Warsaw, 07.04.2023 Image Power, a Polish developer and publisher of video games, has announced today that they’re working on an entirely new IP, called Offroad Survival. They’ve also shown off a first trailer for the game, which will combine realistic offroad driving with the popular survival genre – with a bit of a thrill and in an original style.

View the Offroad Survival trailer:

Press kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uXlFxQh5gJVeWpwTW32n73FiZ0t07RCm?usp=drive_link 

Offroad Survival alludes to and expands ideas of the recently published Offroad Mechanic Simulator. This Image Power title, which was released on July 24th, is garnering a very positive reaction from players – it keeps a Very Positive score based on Steam users’ reviews from the very launch.

The idea of Offroad Survival is a concept we worked on for some time. But it’s not a coincidence that we decided to announce this game right now. We are happy with the success of Offroad Mechanic Simulator and we’d like the players to see Offroad Survival as a kind of spiritual successor to this tile, taking a purely offroad experience in new, interesting, and unexpected directions – said Marcin Zaleński, CEO of Image Power.

Offroad Survival is a new IP from Image Power, which mixes mechanics known from the popular survival genre with realistic offroad experience. The players will venture on a journey through the unmapped wilderness, set up a camp, use nature’s resources to survive the harsh conditions… and face unexplained happenings around them. Using an array of tools and the offroad car modified for any situation, they will learn to navigate the terrain untouched by human hands. The game shows a realistic world based in part on real offroad survival trips, but there is also an element of mystery to be solved.

Image Power will provide more information on the production regularly in the coming months.

The history of Image Power reaches back to 2012 and the establishment of the first concept art and digital painting school in Poland of the same name. In 2019, after becoming a public company, Image Power extended the scope of its business to game production and publishing. In April 2021 the Company successfully debuted on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 
The strategy of the Company assumes working on low-budget productions, including simulators and similar genres, as well as gradually engaging in projects of higher production and marketing scope, including the premium category. Image Power creates the games with the use of internal developer teams, as well as external studios. The strategy of the Company is to publish 3-4 titles per year for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox family consoles, and Nintendo Switch.