Become a specialist in repairing and customizing offroad vehicles, and take them for challenging test rides in a new game from Image Power.

Warsaw, Poland, June 26th –A Polish developer and publisher Image Power have announced that their title Offroad Mechanic Simulator, co-developed with Game Formatic studio, will launch on July 24th 6 PM CEST / 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on Steam. The full release follows a successful standalone prologue for the game published as Offroad Mechanic Simulator: Prologue – First Job on April 3rd on Steam. Now players will receive a complete experience of working on the iconic offroad vehicles – repairing them, replacing parts with the help of a shop packed with different options, and customizing them for the toughest challenges a car can face. In addition to tinkering in the garage, there are two environments full of varied races that will allow us to test the modified vehicles in action. The driving model is realistic, based on physics, and focused on overcoming obstacles and rough terrain. 

About Offroad Mechanic Simulator

In Offroad Mechanic Simulator you are employed to modify offroad vehicles and prepare them for the toughest challenges they could face! Accept contracts that go well beyond standard repair jobs. Equip the client’s cars with the best parts that far exceed their original capabilities and make sure they’re ready to travel the most difficult terrains possible. Get ready to install a higher suspension or add a snorkel when a client needs it. Choose the parts that will do the job without going over your budget.

Set out for your own offroad adventure to test the modifications you made. Drive across perilous terrain, climb cliffs, and cross muddy rivers. Enjoy breathtaking scenery before moving on to the next obstacle. And don’t forget to wash your vehicles before you hand them off to the client!


  • Multiple unique cars to work on and drive
  • Career mode with story missions
  • Various randomized assignments and jobs to complete
  • Fully-equipped garage with all the tools a professional mechanic needs
  • A wide selection of parts to install that allow your cars to achieve remarkable feats
  • A wide selection of paint jobs and decals to personalize the cars
  • Realistic driving model true to the offroad-style challenges
  • Beautiful Forest and Desert environments are plentiful with obstacles to conquer
  • Different tracks where you can test if your vehicles are ready for an offroad challenge
  • Unlimited fun with creating vehicles that can face anything!