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Based in Poland
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Become a paranormal renovator! Banish ghosts and restore haunted mansions to their former glory! Explore spooky locations, catalogue paranormal events and resolve them. Complete puzzles, search for hidden objects, clean and repair old furniture. Decorate the interiors as you want and make a profit!


In Haunted House Renovator, you take on the thrilling role of a paranormal renovator. Imagine restoring houses to a usable state, but with a twist - you're not just dealing with peeling wallpaper and leaky pipes but also contending with ghosts, demons, ghouls, and other supernatural entities!

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

• Dive into a first-person paranormal renovator simulator experience.

• Immerse yourself in realistic, moody graphics that set the perfect eerie atmosphere.

• Encounter various types of hauntings, possessions and curses and tackle them head-on.

• Explore a wide array of haunted houses worldwide, each with unique challenges.

• Get creative with interior decorations as you strive to make these houses appear safe, even if they're anything but.



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